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About Jeonpo street cafe

Is a variety of attractions and eateries, a shopping street where Leeds is written. First Avenue Inn Downtown written in a quiet street cafe atmosphere in the cafe For over 30 unique decorating a charming place where it is on the side opposite. They sell industrial supplies and materials, including the original store is Bujeon and jeonpodong tools, hardware tools mandeon yeoteuna shopping street cafe since 2010 Entering a large number of charming street cafes are referred to as exotic. Many may feel a variety of coffee beans and flavored with a small cafe run by individuals.


- Address : Busan Busanjin Bujeon, one jeonpodong

- Opening Closed : Varies from store

- Inquiries (Culture and Sports) : 051-605-4096

- Subway : Line 1(Seomyeon), Line 2(Seomyeon), Line 2(Seomyeon)